A Vet Nurses Guide to 

Exploratory Laparotomy Surgery

ATTENTION Veterinary Nurses¬†¬†ūüźĺ

Welcome to the Vet Nurse's Guide to Abdominal Surgery! This comprehensive guide is designed to equip veterinary nurses with the vital information and mastering pre-operative, peri-operative and post operative care for our patients undergoing this invasive surgical procedure.

Perfect for:

  • ¬†Vet Nurses¬†
  • ¬†Vet Nurse Students
  • Vet Techs

Whats Included: 

  • ¬†What actually is an exploratory laparotomy
  • ¬†Why¬†are they performed
  • ¬†Common findings of exploratory laparotomies
  • ¬†Basics of the surgeon's actions in the abdomen
  • ¬†Essential¬†equipment, consumables, and products required in preparation
  • ¬†Pre-operative Vet Nursing Essentials
  • ¬†Peri-operative Vet Nursing Essentials
  • ¬†Post Operatively / Patient Recovery Nursing Essentials


  • Equipment & Consumables checklist
  • ¬†General Instrument Kit Reference Guide
  • ¬†Catheter Placement Checklist
  • Intubation Checklist
  • ¬†Post-op Recovery Checklist


  • ¬†Abdominal Anatomy Posters


  • ¬†Anaesthetic Chart Template (Comes in Pink AND Black and White Layout)
  • ¬†Constant Rate Infusion Calculation¬†Guide
  • ¬†Fluid Rate Calculations Guide
  • ¬†Drug Calculation Methods Guide



This guide also includes super useful checklists!

Perfect for that last minute, end of the day ex-lap and you can't remember all the things you need to set up the surgery room!

Anatomy Posters

Print out this handy poster for abdominal organ reference!

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The Checklists You Need

Never forget a thing in surgery again with these handy checklists!

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Calculations Made Easy

You've got to think quick... these guides will save you!

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  • 23 Pages
  • Instant Download
  • Easy to read
  • Useful for revision¬†
  • The perfect checklists for in clinic!

This guide is for educational purposes only. It is not for the advertisement or promotion of therapeutic medicines.

For Veterinary Industry Employees and Students Only.