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The Purpose

The purpose of Vet Nurse School is to share & condense my knowledge, advice and experiences in the Veterinary Industry, into short, fun and easy-to-digest courses & online resources!

Meet Your Teacher

My name is Tess Nolan
I’ve been an extremely passionate Veterinary Nurse & Social Media Manager for the last 10 years. After learning and experiencing almost every aspect of the veterinary industry I'm now positively empowering others online with their careers in Vet Nursing with Vet Nurse School!

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What my students have been saying......

Emma Doyle

“Becoming a vet nurse” course was a great starting point for me! As I am still in high school, it has answered so many of my questions and concerns. The video lessons were great and so easy to understand. Also, all the resources were all so organised and aesthetic! Tess shared so many tips and tricks which are going to be so helpful for me starting my dream career pathway in the vet Industry!!"

Bree Hancock

"Overall this course was amazing! I watch Tess’s TikTok’s all the time and I’ve always wanted to be a vet nurse! I really recommend it to anyone that has no direction getting into the vet industry as a vet nurse. It has given me so much information and confidence that I’ve needed, it’s definitely the direction of help for me to get into my dream career."

Social Media Management Course

Whether you’re a social media pro or just finding your feet, this course will provide social and digital marketing skills specific to the veterinary industry.

Learn the key social media components including creating content, Facebook, Instagram, Branding, Website, SMS & Email Marketing, TikTok and SEO. 

If you are a Vet Nurse, Practice Manager or Vet Clinic owner looking to enhance your clinics online social media presence,

Check out the course here!
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