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Dec 06, 2023


Everyone's online. Literally everyone. My mum and dad send me more TIKTOKS these days than my own friends. So whether you're a Vet Clinic owner, Practice Manager, Vet Nurse or Veterinarian, you need to have your clinic active on social media.... and I'll tell you WHY.

As a veterinary nurse who navigated practice management, nursing and social media management while working 40-hour weeks, I understand the struggle. In this article, we'll explore three streamlined ways social media can seamlessly integrate into your marketing toolkit without consuming excessive time.


  1. Build a bond with your clients: Social media isn't just about posting pictures on your practice's Facebook page; it's a powerful tool for building relationships. By showcasing the human side of your team (your vets and nurses) and providing a 'behind-the-scenes' look into your business, you humanise your business. You make it transparent and people feel like your team is relatable. Thats not only with your existing audience but also with potential clients. Engaging, informative and empathetic content reassures your audience of your credibility, your passion and establishes a connection that goes beyond more than just a transaction. You want people to WANT to come to your clinic, not treat it as a chore. 

  2. Education: Where do people go to for information? Google, Facebook, everywhere online really. This creates a unique opportunity to offer educational content to your clients. For veterinary clinics, this can mean sharing information about current issues in your area (paralysis ticks or kennel cough) information diseases (keep this to small bites of info - clients don't want to be reading your textbook!), interesting breed characteristics and so much more.  You can also utilise this space to showcase your services, what makes your clinic from others and different promos such as dental month or puppy school classes.

  3. Build your clinic: Whilst often vet clinics assume that your social media pages are solely aimed at clients or potential clients, there is one other bundle of people I want you to think of when you post online; future team members. We know very well that finding vet nurses and vets is next to impossible, however having an appealing, fun, energetic, wholesome and transparent clinic online may also attract staff TO WANT to come and work with you! Have you ever seen a cool business,  office or vet clinics instagram pages and gone, "oh wow, that looks like a fun place to work!"? MAKE YOUR CLINIC THAT DESTINATION. Not only for that reason but clients will also pick up on whether you are holding onto staff and if your team seem happy at work.


    In a world where 4.62 billion people spend an average of 2 hours and 27 minutes on social media daily, understanding its impact is crucial. This article is the TIP OF THE ICEBERG on how your veterinary clinic can benefit from the power of social media. It serves not only as a platform to showcase your offerings but also as a means to deepen relationships and provide valuable education.

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