Hi! I’m Tess


So a little about me,

I have worked in a vet clinic since I was 17 years old. I started out as a work experience student and was hired as a trainee whilst I studied Veterinary Nursing. I worked full time and studied online. 

That started in 2012 and to this day I still work for the same vet clinic. It's been 10 years of growth, passion and building the person I am today. 

I started managing all of our social media platforms in 2015 and in 2018, I was promoted to Practice Manager.

Ive also dabbled in a bit of after hours emergency hospital work.

I have a real soft spot for brachycephalic (squishy-faced) breeds and a passion educating others on animal care!

These days, I manage every aspect of our day-to-day operations in an absolutely beautiful, hospital grade clinic. I look after 5 Vets, 13 Vet Nurses & 2 Kennel Hands. 

I have all different duties from  administration, sorting through job applications, reading resumes & interviewing to training staff, monitoring anaesthetics, performing dentals and also keeping my team happy. 

One minute I will be in my office sending out vaccination reminders, and the next I am scrubbed into a surgery helping a Veterinarian with a complex surgery. I love it and I couldn't see myself doing anything else. 

Everyday is different. 

Over the years, I have squeezed in some animal charity fundraising to help those less fortunate. Ive worked with BARC, Animal Welfare League, Animal Aid Unlimited & Pets in the Park. 

I live on the Gold Coast in Australia, right near the beach with my Boston Terrier "Daphne." We both love the sun and our daily ice latte walks. In 2023 we created our our range of Dog Accessories called "Baby Pets."

I come from a family of animal lovers. My dad has a million birds, and my mum has never once refused me bringing home a sick or foster pet. (Trust me there have been many & most of them still live there!)

Working with animals was always going to be my future, and I want it to become yours too

Tess the Vet Nurse 

Hi! I’m Daphne


So a little about her,

Daphne is a 4 year old Boston Terrier. She has an extraordinarily long tongue, but is the sweetest and most affectionate little girl ever. 

She comes to work with me at least twice a week to supervise. 

In 2022 Daphne was diagnosed with Epilepsy after she started suffering from seizures. Her seizures are now controlled with medication and she hasn't missed a beat since!

She has had bilateral luxating patella surgery, you can watch her surgery and recovery vlog on my YouTube channel!

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