Are you a future aspiring, currently studying or recently graduated Vet Nurse?

  • Do you have questions and want more reassurance before committing to study?
  • Are you in high school and wanting to prepare yourself for after graduating?
  • Are you currently studying veterinary nursing and seeking a paid position?
  • Are you a newly graduated veterinary nurse but having trouble finding a Veterinary Nurse position?

If all or any of these apply to you,
Then this course for you


The Course

What you'll get:

  •  Over 120 minutes of fun & engaging video lessons
  •  Over 25 Downloadable PDF Resources & Guides
  •  A Behind the Scenes understanding of a Veterinary Nursing Career 
  •  The what, when, why & "how to successfully apply to a vet clinic" with no experience needed!
  •  Tips, tricks, advice and secrets!
  •  Certificate of Completion


“Becoming a vet nurse” course was a great starting point for me! As I am still in high school, it has answered so many of my questions and concerns. The video lessons were great and so easy to understand. Also, all the resources were all so organised and aesthetic! Tess shared so many tips and tricks which are going to be so helpful for me starting my dream career pathway in the vet Industry!!?

- Emma Doyle -

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Course Contents 

Introduction: Welcome to "Becoming a Vet Nurse!" 

This 5 minute introduction includes:

  •  A quick introduction to Tess
  •  Details about this course
  •  The aim of this course
  •  Topics covered
  •  Whats included
  •  Course length & Structure
  •  How to use the downloadable PDF resources (The Guide) for this course


"The Guide" - Downloadable PDF

The Guide Toolkit includes:

  •  Your Career Pathway to Studying Veterinary Nursing 
  •  Recommended Australian Veterinary Course Facilities 
  •  Resume Checklist
  •  Cover Letter Checklist
  •  Email Application Guidelines
  •  Veterinary Related Job Interview Questions & how to answer them
  •  Work Experience Information 
  •  Work Experience Task & To Do List
  •  Vet Nurse Life advice, tips and hacks
  •  Recommendations and much more!


Lesson 1: Dos & Don'ts when Applying to a Vet Clinic


This lesson is all about how to land your foot in the door of a Vet Clinic. This is applicable if you are looking to do Work Experience and if you are Qualified and are having trouble finding a clinic that will hire you. Its all my best kept tips and tricks of what hiring managers look for and want to see in future nurses!

We will cover:

  •  Defining a Veterinary Nurse
  •  Your career pathway 
  •  The right certificates to study
  •  Work Experience
  •  The Perfect Resume
  •  Cover Letter Do's and Don'ts
  •  Insurance
  •  What do do before applying for Work Experience
  •  How to submit a resume
  •  Interview Do's & Don'ts
  •  Following up an application

 Duration: 35 Minutes


Lesson 2: Get Hired! 


This lesson focuses on how you are going to impress future employers and increase your chances of being hired! This may be as a Kennel Hand, Vet Nurse Assistant or Veterinary Nurse if you have the Qualification already. This is going to be huge goal and I am giving you only the best advice on how to fulfil this. We will also cover what to wear, scrubs, equipment and social media support pages I recommend. 

We will cover:

  •  Work Experience - How to Impress
  •  Do's & Don'ts for Work Experience or Work Placement days
  •  Things no one tells you
  •  Factors that will affect your chances of being hired
  •  What you need for Work Experience/Work Placement
  •  What to wear
  •  Social Media pages to follow for inspiration
  •  Where to look for Job Advertisements

 Duration:  34 Minutes


Lesson 3: Working as a Veterinary Nurse


This lesson is going to answer a lot of those questions you probably have, including:

  •  Is Vet Nursing right for me?
  •  Dealing with Grief, Euthanasia and Difficult situations (Including personal experiences & stories)
  •  How to maintain a healthy and positive lifestyle as a Vet Nurse
  •  Tips for Studying whilst working in a vet clinic
  •  Recognising Burn Out & Compassion Fatigue
  •  How to avoid Burn Out & Compassion Fatigue
  •  Veterinary Nurse Salary (See Downloadable PDF - Award Rates)

 Duration:  47 Minutes


By Tess Nolan

Veterinary Nurse