Vet Nurses & Euthanasia..... How can we help our clients?!

Feb 25, 2023

“How can we as Vet Nurses, assist in making euthanasias as comfortable and compassionate as possible for clients”


Here's 10 great ideas that be easily implemented into clinics,

  1. Light a candle and display a sign in the waiting room to notify people in what might be a very noisy waiting room that a pet parent is saying goodbye to their pet. 
  2. Provide a designated grieving room that clients can spend as much time as needed before the procedure and afterwards. The last thing we want is for them to feel rushed.  
  3. Send a sympathy card a couple of days later 
  4. Book these appointments at quieter times of the day 
  5. Provide bedding or a blanket in the room so the procedure can be done on the floor and in comfort. Most pets feel super uncomfortable up on the scary examination table. 
  6. Offer clients the option to settle the account before the procedure, so they can leave straight away and don’t have to come back out to a busy waiting room.
  7. Ink paw prints - a beautiful touch that clients would truly appreciate. 
  8. A follow up call a few days later by either the vet or nurses, just to check in with the client and see how they are going. 
  9. Lots of doggie treats or doggie chocolates at this appointment! Pet parents love seeing their pet happy and spoilt. 
  10. Provide soft furnishings, dimmable lighting, tissues and a comfortable place for the clients to sit with their pet whilst they say goodbye.  



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