The Vet Industry Needs Help

Apr 19, 2022

We need more Vets & Vet Nurses..…..

The Australian Veterinary Association AVA recently shared the statistics - There are 125,000 doctors for 26 million people.
There are only 13,500 vets for 30.4 million pets….. 🤯
Simply put, there are too many pets for the amount of vets we have to look after them…..
I speak on behalf of all vet nurses & techs when I say they aren’t excluded from the staff shortages…. 👩🏼‍⚕️
- We need to start educating pet owners that we are all trying our best to manage the huge increase in pets ❤️
- We need to help more people navigate their way to a career in the veterinary industry
- We need to support eachother and ensure we are within a workplace that feeds our soul, our passion, our mission…. To help animals.
Vet industry workers choose to do this job because WE LOVE ANIMALS 🐾
We care more about pets than our bladders, our feet, our hungry stomachs or our families who are waiting at home for us 🏡
We are not perfect. We are human. This job is a huge part of our lives. And we care oh so much. ❤️👊🏼
Shoutout to my fellow vet industry people, people making a difference and movements such as Not One More Vet & Love Your Pet, Love Your Vet 💕
Big love & appreciation ✨

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Becoming a Vet Nurse

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