A Guide to Self care & Mental Wellness for Veterinary Professionals

  • Are you working in the veterinary industry?
  • Are you looking for some guidance in relation to your Mental Health and Wellness?
  • Are you feeling the pressure of working in the Veterinary Industry?

This 50+ Page Downloadable Ebook Guide filled with the most useful and powerful information, advice, tips and self care ideas might be just what you need.




  • Veterinary Industry Specific
  • Great Value
  • Over 50+ Pages of Motivational and Inspiring Guidance
  • Interactive Self Care Journal Pages
  • Develop a better understanding of stress, how to cope with stress and great techniques to use

The eBook Contents

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52 Pages


  •  My Mission 
  •  A quick introduction to Tess
  •  Why we need to prioritise looking after ourselves
  •  How the components of this guide are aimed to help you
  •  Topics covered & Whats included

PART ONE: Anxiety, Stress, Compassion Fatigue & Burn Out

  • Veterinary Industry Analysis & Why we are affected
  • Stress & Anxiety
  • What is Compassion Fatigue & Burn Out
  • Signs of Compassion Fatigue & Burn Out
  • Avoiding Compassion Fatigue & Burn Out
  • Tips for Self Validation
  • Self Care tips for Dealing with Stress & Anxiety
  • How Can I help someone who may be struggling?

PART TWO: Imposter Syndrome 

  • What is Imposter Syndrome
  • What does Imposter Syndrome feel and look like?
  •  Results of Imposter Syndrome
  • How How Imposter Syndrome will affect your wellbeing
  • A Veterinary Clinic Example of Imposter Syndrome
  •  Why Vets & Vet Nurses are affected by Imposter Syndrome
  •  Advice on Avoiding Imposter Syndrome 

PART THREE: Playing Above the Line

  •  What is Playing Above the Line?
  • A Veterinary Clinic Example
  • Playing Above the Line Wall Poster Print Out 

PART FOUR: Self Care Tips, Journalling & Wellness Activities

  •  Self Reflection & Appreciation
  •  Goal Setting
  • Tips for Balancing and maintaining a health lifestyle as a Veterinary Professional
  • Self Care Tips Whilst in the Clinic
  • How to use your day off wisely
  • Day Off Planner
  • Day Off Ideas
  • Demotivating Activities to avoid
  • 5 Minute Self Care 
  • Everyday Self Care
  • Health Needs, Nutrition & Sleep
  • Weekly Work Planner
  • Daily Reflection


  • The Different Ways We Think
  • 30 Day Self Care Challenge
  •  7 Day Positivity Challenge
  • Tips to Build Your Confidence
  • Toxic Behaviours To Avoid
  • Ways to Raise Your Energy
  • Note Pages    


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